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You Can in Canada
lyrics & music by Nisa

Where can you fish and hunt and skate & ski, Oh yeah, uh huh
Where can you fall in love just like you and me,
Where can you find a good man a good woman too,
Now listen to me I got news for you,
You can, you can,you can in Canada.

Oh yes you can, can, can, you can in Canada, Oh yeah
In British Columbia and Alberta too.
In Saskatchewan thereís plenty to do
And weíll get to know you in Manitoba,
You can, you can, you can in Canada.

We can take the heat we can take the snow
Cause itís go go go in Ontario,
In Canada you can in Canada.
Thereís Quebec New Brunswick & PEI,
No matter where you go the limitís the sky
In Can Can, good old Canada.

Now weíre gonna toast ya in Nova Scotia OH YEAH,UH HUH
So hereís to Canada & America too,
Weíre proud to say we got friends like you in Can Canada,
Weíre proud to be good old Canada.

Now ainít that grand here comes Newfoundland
Yes itís Canada, Yeah in Canada you know youíve got a friend,
Cause in Canada weíre a perfect 10,
In Canada weíre youíre friends
In Can Can, good old Canada.
Now if youíre ever lonely and feeling blue
And you ainít got nothing to do
Why donít you come on up to Canada.
Well it might be a little bit cold but the people here gonna warm your soul
And the friends you meet you canít beat in Canada.

We got the Northwest Territories, Nunavut too,
Come up to the Yukon, me & you
Put your pride & belief in the Maple Leaf
Take a train, take a plane to Canada.
You can can in Canada. ©

PS. I didn't know it when I wrote this, but the train in Toronto is called the Go Train. :) Thanks for the quick response. Thanks for letting me share my song with fellow Canadians. Thank you Canada! Thank you Canadian Culture!

You Can in Canada by Nisa - Copyright © 2002 all rights reserved.

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